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We are extremely glad to announce the launch of our new website. The capabilities of this site are simply amazing! In here you will find galeries, discussion forums, downloads, articles and much more.

If you are not yet registered with us please click here and become a member of the Lifeline Expedition website to receive news and updates straight in your mailbox and have extra access to other member only areas!

Plans for Lifeline Documentary

There has been growing interest in the possibilities of real life documentaries about the Lifeline Expedition. Approaches have come from BBC and from a company that makes films for Channel 4. Our award making filmmaker, Michael Lienau has produced a compelling 14 minute teaser film showing the possibilities on

Michael comments: "We are trying real hard to get it listed in the next big international TV program executives conference called NATPE coming up next month.  BBC, Ch4 and every major network will be there in Las Vegas Jan 22 - 26th looking at all the potential new programs."


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