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The Jubilee 2000 Lifeline Walk in England

600 schoolchildren joined the walk
at Chatteris in Cambridgeshire.

The year 2000 provided a unique moment in time for countries to recognise the injustices of their past and their present prejudices and to begin the process of reconciliation.

This was the year that the Lifeline Expedition began with representatives from different meridian line nations coming to England and walking together for 260 miles from the North Sea near Hull to Peacehaven on the English Channel.

As they journeyed together, the team shared a jubilee message of reconciliation and urged people to support the campaign to release the poorest countries in the world from debt repayments. They shared their message with 1,700 schoolchildren many of whom walked with the team when they passed by their schools.

Civic receptions were held in Hull, Cleethorpes, Wisbech, East Grinstead and Peacehaven.

A petition was delivered to the office of Clare Short, the Minister for Overseas Development, and there were several interviews for local press and radio.

Funds were raised for literacy projects in the African meridian nations.

Click here for a full report of the Jubilee 2000 Lifeline Walk.


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