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- The Lifeline Expedition is a series of journeys of reconciliation, inspired by the story of the snake on the pole in Numbers 21:4-9 and also referred to in John 3:14-16. The snake is a universally recognized symbol of healing.

- The Greenwich meridian line (linked to the pole) and the countries along it are a particular focus. However, the line is not a limiting factor in our projects, but rather a constant encouragement to be aligned to God's purposes as expressed through the initial vision.

- The issue of the legacy of the Slave Trade has become the major reconciliation issue for the project. Our teams therefore normally include Africans, Africans of the Diaspora (slave descendants), Europeans and white Americans. Many other reconciliation issues inevitably arise, but we seek to keep within the boundaries of our calling.

- We are inspired by the concept of Jubilee. In ancient Hebrew culture the Year of Jubilee involved the release of slaves and the cancellation of debt. It was therefore also a time of joyous celebration. The year 2000 was doubly significant as the fortieth jubilee since the traditional birth of Jesus Christ, who perceived his mission, in the jubilee tradition, as proclaiming freedom to prisoners and release to the oppressed. (See Isaiah 61:1-4 and Luke 4:18,19)

- The use of symbols is a significant aspect of the expedition. These include a rainbow serpent on a pole, the yokes and chains of the coffle and a shofar ramıs horn. The shofar was used in ancient Israel to announce the Year of Jubilee and the release of slaves and debts.

- The Lifeline Expedition brings the message of reconciliation into the public domain through such means as civic receptions, school visits and media exposure. In this process we aim to link with local churches thus seeking to promote unity and their involvement in the public domain also.

- Through these means the expedition is committed to education and raising awareness about the slave trade and the legacy of racism and slavery that still exists today.

- Giving is central to the expedition. Many people have given freely in different ways to achieve the aims of the project. We have been able to give donations to various projects in Africa. (For example after the Jubilee 2000 Lifeline Walk in England we gave a donation to the IFE Literacy Project in Togo through which 44 new literacy teachers were trained.) Through the project we aim to come against the greed and materialism of the West and to encourage a flow of generosity.

- Nothing worthwhile can be achieved without prayer and intercession. We believe especially in the value of praying "on site with insight." Friends for the Journey is a means of ensuring more prayer support for the ongoing activities of the Lifeline Expedition.
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