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01 Augustus 2007

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The Yokes & Chains DVD

If you would like to purchase the DVD, please email us. The Recommended Retail Price is £14.99 for the 90min DVD.

Cameras capture the startling confessions and raw emotion as the team begins to identify with what slaves may have experienced. Intense reactions of gratitude and support from descendants of Africans of the Diaspora greet them as they journey, as well as mistrust, hatred, and vocal opposition from white supremacist groups. From profound and moving public reconciliation events . . . to private and candid behind-the-scenes glimpses of team members and the struggles they face as they prepare and then march with yokes and chains . . . this unprecedented dramatic documentary tackles the vital issues few people want to talk about: racism and the legacy of slavery. Watch the healing begin as whites and blacks release buried emotions of pain, sorrow and anger as they begin to forgive and reconcile, changing forever their perception of each other and themselves.

For more detailed information visit the new Yokes and Chains Website or click here to download the PDF.

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