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01 Augustus 2007

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Some thoughts on the future after 7 years of the Lifeline Expedition

 Here are some thoughts that David Pott shared at the reception at the end of the March of the Abolitionists on July 11th.

  • After this 7 year journey, we need time to reflect and pray. We sense that no major initiative should take place before 2009.
  • We see three possibilities for the future and there may be more! One may be that this is the end of the Lifeline Expedition and there will be no more expeditions.

  • A second is that after the break, we may resume Lifeline Expeditions and respond to requests we have received from such places as Haiti, Jamaica, Brazil, Sierra Leone & Liberia.

  • A third is that something new emerges which is more focussed on young people and involves groups from Africa, the Americas and Europe training to be reconcilers together and getting into some very literal ‘repairing of broken walls.’ (See separate document Repairers International)

  • With regard to my own situation, I feel I have completed my particular commission from God and that, while I hope I may be involved in an advisory capacity if it is on God’s heart for something to happen, I will no longer be the leader who is making it happen.

  • In terms of laying down my role, it may be that God will bring to light a new way to move things forward as far as leadership is concerned. I sought to pass on some of what I have received to others who were present at the Jamaica Wine Bar on July 11th. I acknowledged the significant leadership gifts of Joseph Zintseme – we wonder if God may call him to take on a similar role to the one I have had. I gave the snake on the pole to Monette Tapa Mekomou. She has carried it most frequently and is planning to return to Martinique next year. I commissioned her to take the reconciliation message with her to the Caribbean which of course she will do anyway! I sensed that as I received the vision in London at the northern end of the Greenwich meridian, even so it was time to hand on something of the educational vision in particular to Joseph nii Ankrah who lives at the other end of the line in Tema, Ghana. I also said that Dayo Anani may have a significant role in the educational side. Finally I sought to affirm both Michael Tapa Mekomou (11) & Hannah Warwick (14) as young people with a special calling to reconciliation and shaping any future initiative that may be on God’s heart.



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