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The Merdian Walk

The Meridian Walk has been succesfully completed.
Click here to read the Report by David Pott.

Hull to London

This walk from Hull to Westminster will be 250 miles long. With regard to the abolition of the slave trade in England, it is a curious fact that several key events occurred within a few miles of the Greenwich meridian line.

  • William Wilberforce came from Hull and Thomas Clarkson from Wisbech, both places close to the meridian line.
  • Thomas Clarkson wrote the essay on the slave trade, which changed his life in Cambridge and also committed his life to abolition at Wadesmill in Hertfordshire.
  • Wilberforce made a similar commitment by the oak in Keston Kent.
  • Olaudah Equiano lived for a time in Greenwich. He was married at Soham and his daughter was buried at Chesterton in Cambridge.
  • The bill to abolish slavery was passed in Westminster. The Anti Slavery Society, which Clarkson started, is located in Stockwell.

In 2000 a footpath was devised called the Meridian Way, which was used for the Jubilee 2000 Lifeline Walk and this route will again be used for the last part of this walk. Parliament voted to abolish the slave trade on February 24th and the Act became law at noon on March 25th.

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Route Details: (daily starting points in BOLD)

Date: Journey
Thurs March 1

Hull - Barton-upon-Humber
Holy Trinity Hull at 09:00

09 miles
Fri March 2 Barton-upon-Humber - Scunthorpe
Bowmandale School at 09:00
16 miles
Sat March 3 Scunthorpe - Epworth
St. Hughes, Old Brumby Street at 09:00
11 miles
Sun March 4 Rest day in Epworth
Mon March 5 Epworth - Gainsborough
Epworth Old Rectory, Rectory Street at 09:00
12 miles
Tues March 6 Gainsborough - Saxilby
Gainsborough Methodist Church
at 09:00
12 miles
Wed March 7

Saxilby - Branston via Lincoln
Saxilby Primary School at 09:00

12 miles
Thurs March 8

Branston - Billinghay
Branston Church of England at 09:00

13 miles
Fri March 9

Billinghay - Boston
Billinghay Primary School at 09:15

15 miles
Sat March 10 Boston - Holbeach
Cotton Chapel, Boston Stump
8:45(morning prayer),
walk starts at 09:00
14 miles
Sun March 11 Rest day in Holbeach
Mon March 12

Holbeach - Wisbech
George Farmer Technology and Language College

14 miles
Tues March 13 Wisbech - Wimblington
Clarkeson Statue at 09:00
12 miles
Wed March 14 Wimblington - Sutton
Anglican Church Wimblington - 09:00
12 miles
Thurs March 15 Sutton - Soham via Ely
Anglican Church - 09:00
12 miles
Fri March 16 Soham - Cambridge
Anglican Church Soham - 09:00
16 miles
Sat March 17 Cambridge - Royston
St. John's College Chapel at 09:00
14 miles
Sun March 18 Rest day in Royston
Mon March 19

Royston - Buntingford
Priory Gardens at 09:30

09 miles
Tues March 20 Buntingford - Ware
St.Peter's on Market Hill at 09:15
12 miles
Wed March 21 Ware - Waltham Abbey
Priory Grounds, High Street, Ware
at 09:00
12 miles
Thurs March 22 Waltham Abbey - Walthamstow
Waltham Abbey Church
8:30 (monring prayer),
walk starts at 09:00
09 miles
Fri March 23 Walthamstow - Greenwich
Hylands House School at 09:00
10 miles
Sat March 24 Greenwich - Westminster
Cutty Sark, Greenwich at 09:00
Sun March 25 Anniversary day events

We acknowledge helpful support from Ordnance Survey in our route planning.



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