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The Sankofa Reconciliation Walk
:: June 4th - July 11th ::

Linking London, Bristol and Liverpool

The Sankofa Reconciliation Walk will be a challenging 470 miles journey over 40 days. It will link together the three major slave ports of London, Bristol and Liverpool and will follow the route taken by Thomas Clarkson on his momentous journey in 1787.

The journey will also include other cities such as Birmingham and Manchester and in this way the main cities with African descendants will be visited. 'Sankofa' is an increasingly popular word in the West African Akan language which means "we must learn from the past to build for the future." There will also be two spur journeys by transport to Plymouth and Exeter from Bristol and to Lancaster, Whitehaven and Glasgow from Liverpool.

Map of the Walk :: Google Earth ::

Please note that due to the size of the image, not all the places we will be visiting, is shown. This image only indicates an approximate route.

Route Details:

Date Journey
Mon June 4

Deptford - Southall
Commissioning service

Tues June 5 Southall - Reading
Wed June 6 Reading - Newbury
Thurs June 7 Newbury - Marlborough
Fri June 8 Marlborough - Chippenham
Sat June 9 Chippenham - Bath
Sun June 10 Rest day in Bath
Mon June 11 Bath - Bristol
Tues June 12 Journey to Plymouth
Wed June 13 Return from Plymouth to Bristol via Exeter
Thurs June 14 Bristol - Stroud
Fri June 15 Stroud - Cheltenham
Sat June 16 Cheltenham - Worcester
Sun June 17 Worcester - Birmingham
Mon June 18 Rest Day in Birmingham
Tues June 19 Birmingham - Stafford
Wed June 20 Stafford - Stoke-on-Trent
Thurs June 21 Stoke-on-Trent -Crewe
Fri June 22 Crewe - Runcorn
Sat June 23 Runcorn - Liverpool
Sun June 24 Rest day in Liverpool
Mon June 25 Journey to Lancaster
Tues June 26 Journey to Whitehaven
Wed June 27 Journey to Glasgow
Thurs June 28 Return from Glasgow to Liverpool
Fri June 29 in Liverpool - Reconcilitation Conference
Sat June 30 Liverpool - Manchester
Sun July 1 Rest day in Manchester
Mon July 2 Manchester - Buxton
Tues July 3 Buxton - Derby
Wed July 4 in Derby - School visits
Thurs July 5 Derby - Leicester
Fri July 6 Leicester - Kettering
Sat July 7 Kettering - Olney
Sun July 8 Rest day in Olney
Mon July 9 Olney - Luton
Tues July 10 Luton - Mill Hill
Wed July 11 Mill Hill - Deptford

We acknowledge helpful support from Ordnance Survey in our route planning.



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