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Project Reports

Meridian Walk Report

There has been widespread media interest which has been generally positive both in this country and from Australia, Canada, Japan, France and BBC Arabic Service - one of the Belfast students with us was able to speak to them in Arabic! There is an article in the Independent on Sunday today. William Wilberforce's descendant Kate Davson was just amazing! She probably walked more than anyone else in the chains on the first two days and we were so sad
when she had to leave us late on Friday. William Wilberforce was with us on the first day and was also so thankful and described it as "a deeply moving and humbling experience." He hopes to join us again later on the walk.

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Sankofa Walk Report

It is very difficult to summarise a 40 day experience such as this journey was with the great variety of experiences we have all been through. Rather than report the whole thing sequentially, I shall begin with the basic framework and then pick out highlights of different aspects of what the journey was about.

The basic framework of our journey was triangular with 3 stages (London – Bristol, Bristol – Liverpool and Liverpool – London) interspersed with two spur journeys, the first from Bristol south-west to Plymouth and Exeter and the second north from Liverpool to Lancaster, Whitehaven and Glasgow. In this way we covered all the major former slave ports, but we also visited many inland locations and this was significant, because it is important for people to realise that the whole country was involved in the story of slavery and abolition.

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